Alia Bhatt on Vogue and other photoshoots (Updated)


I will keep updating this post from time to time.

Click on the images to view their enlarged size






8 comments on “Alia Bhatt on Vogue and other photoshoots (Updated)

  1. i was about to commend you on posting the katha piece but now i am starting to think you have been hanging out on pinkvilla too much.

    • LOL. Not sure what do I need to do to get your ‘shaabashi’? No pinkvilla though, was searching google for her pics and when i did not like any of the Filmfare/Stardust ones, Vogue came to the rescue.

      But boy is she setting the blog on fire.

    • I sound a bit ‘duh’ but I did not get your joke.

      BTW have you glanced at the ‘hits counter’ of the blog. Also whenever you see a comment lying in moderation, do approve it. Alex’s comment was stuck in moderation for quite some time

  2. i was making fun of you but since you are sho shweet, i won’t go into it.
    didn’t realize poor a’s comment was stuck in moderation, even as i was taking a jibe at him earlier on ss. btw, how did he find the blog? have you done some plugging i am unaware of?

    • No plugging from my side. Have not even mentioned the blog on SS or anywhere else. He probably would have clicked on my gravatar and that might have lead him here.

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