The Hare and the Tortoise in a Chawl (a piece on Sai Paranjype’s Katha)

This one is for my sweet and sexy (or so is my educated guess from the interactions both of us have had though I have not had the good fortune of meeting her. Hope she would not mind this) ‘co-blog owner’. And since David Dhawan recently released the bastardized remake of another Paranjype classic Chashme Buddoor, this piece by Harneet Singh seems even more topical


Harneet Singh : New Delhi, Sat Jun 11 2011, 22:54 hrs

The classic fable was retold wonderfully in Katha

Meet Rajaram P. Joshi, a simple man with basic dreams. A clerk in a shoe company, he feels like the king of the world when he is made “permanent”. He loves Sandhya, the girl next door, but is unable to express his feelings. Always helping his neighbours in a Mumbai chawl, Rajaram believes life is all about being (a good) human.

Now, meet Basudev Bhattacharya aka Basu Bhatt aka Washu who can talk his way out of any situation. A college dropout, he believes “naukri dhoondi nahin jaati, aasman se tapakti hai”. He comes to stay at Rajaram’s house but ends up wearing his shirts and ripping him of his savings. He walks around with a key chain, which he calls his “sudarshan chakra”. Women, including Sandhya, fall for his charm. Washu calls his way of life “kalakar ki bechain aatma”


4 comments on “The Hare and the Tortoise in a Chawl (a piece on Sai Paranjype’s Katha)

  1. Katha is a fine film but Paranjype’s best by far remains her debut Sparsh- IMO one of art cinema movement’s truly great films alongwith Ankur, Aakrosh and Mirch Masala (notice how the first two, just like Sparsh, are the debut efforts of their respective directors). It also has one of Naseer’s best acts, the others being Aakrosh, Mirch Masala, Masoom and Bezubaan (the last one is also his best commercial outing ever. Otherwise he was mostly looked very uncomfortable in the mainstream ventures). On Sheikh never been a fan even on his best day though he was always a welcome screen presence. He incidentally had some great scenes with AB in Ketan Desai’s forgettable Toofan.

    • Thanks. Fixed it. Don’t know how but I seem to be f..king up everytime. But if you ever see sometime like this, don’t hesitate in fixing it yourself

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