Arguing With Gangs of Wasseypur- Satyam on GoW



It is needless to say that everyone should be reading this gem of a piece.In my humble view Satyam is possibly the finest writer on India cinema anywhere in this world. His blog, which apart from him also has the services of exceptionally fine writers like GF and Qalandar, is also one of the best places to discuss Indian films (and often Hollywood and World Cinema).

It is fascinating that Anurag Kashyap does not discern or at least chooses not to excavate the much greater film that lies hidden within the husk of his ambitious and in many ways formidable epic. He scatters clues of this more important project throughout the first part of the existing film and yet never quite fleshes out their meaning except in the most desultory ways. As ethnography his efforts succeed admirably. His journalistic choices vividly and often searingly portray what becomes in his telling a singular slice of the Indian hinterland. Kashyap clearly knows this landscape well as he does the lives of those who inhabit it. He is also astutely keyed into many of its socio-economic, cultural and ultimately political fault-lines. He knows the relevant cinematic histories from Hollywood to Bombay. His auteurist eye often creates extraordinary visuals. He has the ironic post-modern distance from his world which perhaps of necessity asserts itself at this late date in the medium’s history and certainly that of the genres he tackles. And yet even with everything perfectly located Kashyap frustratingly misses the encounter with that greater work. The reasons for this will turn out not to be accidental…


3 comments on “Arguing With Gangs of Wasseypur- Satyam on GoW

  1. saw bombay talkies finally…kjo sucked as usual…zoya was pathetic…in a cheesy way….dibakar was good….but his theme was too hackneyed (frustrated actor)….anurag was sublimeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…….and i can bet…..not a single movie critic understood what his short film murraba wanted to convey…what was its theme?…what was the implication of the last dailogue with which the movie ends?….any one? all u fancy english speaking kids? did u get the meaning? all ur bhardwaj rangans…satyams….and rajeev masands…can anyone explain that film’s theme in the way u can explain the theme of zoya…karan or dibakar’s short films…..hmmm…guess i will have to enlighten the kids again….

    • Sumit, thanks for stopping by and I am extremely sorry for not seeing your first comment (Probably Anu missed it too). On Bombay Talkies I have not seen the film yet. Don’t know abt Satyam, you should probably ask him on SS. But don’t you think clubbing someone like Masand (who makes a minced-meat of spoken English) alongwith Rangan and Satyam is a crime 🙂

      “all u fancy english speaking kids”- Speaking only for myself I am not at all an ‘english speaking kid’. Mai Hindi-bhaashi parivar me pala-badha hoo, thodi bahot angrezi to school me seekh lee hai. Aaj bhi apni daadi se Awadhi aur Bhojpuri mein baat karta hoo. Mai utna hi desi hoon jitna ek ‘mahuve ki sharaab’ hoti hai.

      BTW if you could write something on Bombay Talkies it would be great (and it will be myself to put it up as a separate on this blog). Aur agar lekh Hindi me hua to yaar (by ‘yaar’ i am not referring to its literal meaning of ‘pimp’ btw 🙂 ) mazaa aa jayega

  2. Thanx for your views. But hey cool it with your ‘e’s–don’t get so carried away with your sublimity eh

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