Stills- Nayanthara

I was thinking that while Anu takes care of the serious and intellectual side of the blog (since she is the one with classy and cultivated tastes), I will handle the ‘silly’ bit. So here are some stills of one of the most beautiful actresses in India along with Alia, the gorgeous Nayanthara.




Nayanthara Galatta Photoshoot (2)


3 comments on “Stills- Nayanthara

  1. not really impressed by her somehow…& the top pic shows too much makeup aka facial paint..
    ps-anu’s ‘no makeup’ ‘just outta bed’ look today is better imo 🙂

  2. Have to agree with Alpex. Not about my ‘just outta bed’ look because that’s pretty scary actually. I am sure she is a pretty girl (though can’t be sure with Saurabh’s taste, and haven’t seen anything of her) but can hardly tell under the grease paint she is donning here. These shots are doing her no favors, with the tacky 80’s fashions and the tackier make-up.

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